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dynamic native file protection, or dnfp, enables highly secure document encryption eliminating internal and external threats so files are persistently protected without impacting applications, workflow or end-user experience.


protects-all-shared-files-icon-updated Protects all shared files
protects-across-all-devices-icon-updated Protects across all devices
cloud-based-deployment-icon-updated Cloud-based deployment
simple-to-install-icon-updated Simple to install
prevents-malware-from-invading-files-icon-updated Prevents malware from invading files
invisible-to-users-icon-updated Invisible to users
renders-ransomware-powerless-icon-updated Renders ransomware powerless
combats-shadow-it-icon-updated Combats shadow IT
lost-or-stolen-device-no-problem-icon-updated Lost or stolen device? No problem.
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